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Personal Style ConsultationDo you struggle to understand what clothes suit your body? A personal style consultation with Style Confidence goes much further than just giving your body shape a name. In this relaxed 2 hour session, we will look at your body as whole including scale, height and your proportions and I can show you how to disguise the areas that feel conscious about whilst highlighting those areas that you are more comfortable with. Ultimately, you will discover a way of dressing that is not only really flattering but also helps you feel confident.

In this fun 2 hour session, you will:

  • Learn how you can save money by identifying clothing styles that will really flatter you and that you will feel confident to wear – and not leave unworn in your wardrobe
  • Save time and effort when shopping as you will reject items that are not right for you; before your get into the changing room
  • Understand your “Style Personality” and how to express this through how your wear your clothes
  • Feel more comfortable in choosing – and wearing – your outfits because you know that they will suit you

In this session, we will look at your body as a whole which will enable me to identify clothing styles that will really work for you. That not only flatter your body shape, but will also make you feel more confident by disguising the areas that you are less comfortable whilst highlighting the areas that you are happy to show off a little! We will look at all areas of your lifestyle and how to incorporate the right styles for you into each area of your life whether it be work, home, with the kids or doing your hobbies.

We will also identify your “Style Personality”. This is what makes you choose the types of clothes you do – do you like pattern or do you prefer plain clothes? Do you like lots of jewellery or do you find it annoying? Are you happiest in jeans or don’t you own a pair at all? Once we have identified your Style Personality, we can discuss how we can bring this into your clothing choices to make you feel comfortable in your outfits and also so you really enjoy wearing them.

  • Understand how to dress for your unique combination of body and personality!
  • Personalised Style Workbook detailing everything discussed in the session
  • Lipstick of your choice (worth £14.50)
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