Wardrobe Sort

sort out your wardrobe

Are you tired of opening your full wardrobe in a morning and thinking “I have nothing to wear?” Does your wardrobe include items that you rarely – or never wear! Do you think that you would like someone to come and just help sort out your wardrobe. If so, a wardrobe review with Style Confidence could be just what you need! A fun 3 hours of sorting through your clothes, identifying those to keep, those to loose and those that could be altered. Then putting your keep items back in an order that helps you to see what you have easily taken that stress and hassle of getting dressed.

In this fun session I could help you to:

  • See what you already have – what works, what doesn’t and what is missing.
  • Look at possible alterations to existing garments
  • Using your existing wardrobe, begin educating you on how to dress in the most flattering way.
  • Suggest new combinations that you may not have thought of, rejuvenating your wardrobe
  • Advise you on the best way to organise your wardrobe
  • Leave you with an uncluttered wardrobe ready to be refreshed with some lovely new things!

This is a great session and really helps you to make sense of your wardrobe. By understanding more about your lifestyle, body shape, self image and learn more about your shopping habits, I can start to teach you what works and why so that you can make more considered choices when shopping going forwards. One of the really fun parts is pulling together different combinations of your existing items giving you more options and making your wardrobe work harder.

Once the review is complete and the items are back in the wardrobe, we can start to identify what items might be “missing” so that any new items you may decide to purchase, will start to complete your wardrobe and will mix with other items that you already own. We will also talk about accessories such as scarves and jewellery and how adding some of these in the right colours can really make your wardrobe more versatile.

  • Understand how to build up a capsule wardrobe to suit your lifestyle
  • Re-organised wardrobe enabling you easily select your outfits
  • List of items for purchase to complete your wardrobe incl accessories
  • New combinations of your existing items to make your wardrobe work harder
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