Wardrobe Planning

Wardrobe Planning 2

Create a compact but flexible wardrobe of clothes you love to wear!

Would you love to always have something to wear? Something that looks great on you and makes you feel gorgeous? No more rushing to the shops to buy something “in desperation” that you never wear again. This session is all about taking a look at your lifestyle and how you spend your time, then understanding what that means in terms of what clothes you need. I will help you to create a wardrobe of clothes which include the basics that you need to live your life making it easy to decide what to wear every day and you will always look stylish and co-ordinated. Your wardrobe will work for you and your lifestyle and will save you money too! 


In this fun half day session we will:

  • Review your lifestyle and decide what that means in the types of outfits that you need
  • Look at what you already own and create outfits from your existing items
  • Take photographs of the outfits I create to act as reminder to you
  • Identify the items that are “missing” that would complete your wardrobe
  • Advise you on styles & colours of items to add to your wardrobe to complete it
  • Recommend places to shop to fit your style and budget


We start this session by completing a questionnaire about how you spend your time – for example, how much time at work, on hobbies, socialising, activities with the family and then chat through what this means in terms of your wardrobe requirements so for example, do you need business attire or does your workplace have a business casual dress code or do you wear a uniform. This enables me to plan out the types of clothes that you need so if you socialise 2 or 3 nights a week, then you will require more outfits for this activity than someone who socialises a couple of times a month. Once we have this planned out, we take a look at the items in your wardrobe and and group them by activity and put together outfits using your existing items. However, I will also be looking for where there are gaps and will help you identify items that would help to complete your wardrobe and in which colours and styles so when you choose to go shopping, you have a list of items that you are looking for rather than just buying items similar to what you already own or items that you like but don;y go with anything already in your wardrobe!

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