Here are what some of my clients say about working with me...

Making the decision to have my colours done seemed like a bit of an extravagance but now I realise it was actually a necessity! Rosie is fantastic, it was relaxing session, a bit like having a chat with your friends only it was all about colours. I've never been a confident shopper and I nearly always stuck to the same colour palettes, with the occasional daring difference that I was never really sure of. Now after having my colours done and keeping the swatch of books in my handbag (you never know when you're going to suddenly see something!) it has not only changed the way I shop, but also what I wear. Now I look for my key colours straight away so shopping is so much easier and less stressful. Even online I can chose the colour I know will look good and it cuts down the time it takes to find something. I had always worn blacks and blues but it turns out that no, I'm scarlet and orange - who knew!

Now when I wear something I don't have to think does this suit me because I know it does and that confidence comes through. I've lost count of the number of people who have started conversations saying "you look well" when I'm wearing my favourite red jumper.

In fact my husband was so impressed with the results that he booked on to see Rosie as well and from wearing dull grey colours he is now in lighter warmer shades that really suit him and yes, he does look well!

I would say to anyone contemplating having their colours done, just do it. The amount of information you get and the confidence it will give you is definitely worth it. Of course be warned you will be taking out your little book of colours to sales assistants in shops saying things like "look these are the colours I can wear - who'd have thought me in red" then again that might just be me.


Before I had my colour stylist appointment I lacked confidence and I kept buying new clothes and not feeling good in them or returning them back to store. I was sticking to dull colours because I did not want to draw any attention to myself. I enjoyed doing my own make up but I kept buying new products in different colours and never wearing them due to me either not wearing the correct or having the totally wrong colour. Overall I struggled to tie an outfit together and feel nice.

After my colour stylist appointment with Rosie shopping and getting dressed in the morning or for a night out was drastically easier. I felt so much more confident with what I was wearing and I was able to explore more. I have been wearing colours I would of never of worn before which I now love to wear and wearing colours together which I would of never put together before. Since my colour stylist appointment I haven't yet took an item of clothing back, I wear everything I have bought and nothing is getting shoved to one side to be forgotten about. I feel my make up and clothing colours I wear now tie in better together. Rosie taught me so many tricks to help me with my make up and I have noticed the difference. I now receive so many compliments since the appointment with Rosie, it is really empowering.


Before working with Rosie I had 6 wardrobes in various bedrooms in the house (I was taking full advantage of all the children having flown the nest...). I love clothes and I don't like to part with great quality items that I know are wardrobe staples. However, I was suffering from overwhelm to the point where I was actually only wearing a handful of the items I owned. In fact, it was so bad that when I couldn't decide what to wear I'd simply buy a whole new outfit rather than go through what I already had in those wardrobes. I didn't shop often, but when I did I would bulk buy. I woke up one day and felt that a purge was needed.

Rosie was great! On the day she diligently went through my various wardrobes, letting me choose the items I felt I couldn't live without. She showed me how the styles I wore as a size 6 no longer flattered a size 10. She also showed me that I was a size 10, not a 12, so most of the things I was buying were actually too big for me and didn't flatter my shape. Then we bagged up all the items I wasn't keeping. We got it down to 3 wardrobes - quite an achievement. She left me with a system for further refining what clothes I had left and over the past few months I have been happily sending off items to charity. I now have only 1 wardrobe and a set of drawers and I love the clothes I've kept. I wear much more flattering shapes, I feel sexier and more like 'me' again. It's even encouraged me to start running because I can see how great my figure is and I'm therefore more committed to keeping it 🙂


"My reason for visiting Rosie was that I'd had fifteen years away from a career workplace whilst raising three children and felt very out of date and wore very little make up and felt quite unconfident. My new job was quite demanding in terms of having to have a good appearance – presenting to new customers and being at the front of trade show stands etc so it was important to look my best. I looked around at several companies before approaching Rosie. I found her website to be very informative but also very personal and I felt she achieved just the right balance between being very professional but also very approachable. I was also swayed by the free guides she sent me as part of her newsletters.

I knew as soon as Rosie answered the door that I was in for a treat! We got on very well and she made me feel at home instantly. She took the time to discover me and my style personality and what I was hoping to achieve from the session. For the next few hours she patiently went through all the colour options and showed me my new colour palette including which ones were the very best for me to use. I also asked about my best hairstyle and hair length and also about the best shape of glasses to wear. I felt I had gained a whole new ‘armour’ for looking my best for my new job.

The make-up session was fantastic! It was the first time in twenty years I had proper coverage on my skin of a very natural colour. I loved the ‘new’ me and felt I could apply it myself too as Rosie took the time to show me how. She also sorted out my skincare regime which I can honestly say I have stuck with ever since!

Since my session, all of my family and friends have noticed the difference in my confidence – I feel I have gone back to being the old me "pre-children" which was a woman full of confidence and happy in her own skin – don’t get me wrong – I’m no supermodel! – but I am just making the most of how I can look so that I look my best by wearing the right colours. It also motivated me to lose some more weight so I had the confidence to go from a size 14/16 to a size 12. I have also gone through my wardrobe and had a good sort out. That was liberating! So I know that I can always wear items which are the best for my colouring.

I have bought some more clothes since the makeover but I am careful to think before buying and it makes shopping so much easier – I always take the colour palette with me wherever I go in my handbag. I also buy fewer items which are more expensive from the brands I really like and know suit me. Before my session with Rosie, the cost of one outfit in the wrong colour could have been a costly mistake and would have covered the cost of the session with Rosie – the effects of which will stay with me for the next ten years and then I will go back to her for another update!"


"I've always been a bit confused with what clothes actually suited me as a person. I had a full wardrobe but was never sure if the styles or colours that I had, did anything for me. Make-up also was a problem in that I now know I was stuck in the 1980s! Since finding Rosie on the internet, I can now say that I don't waste any money on clothes that are just 'alright' I now know which direction I am going in and how to make the clothes/colours work for ME!

I would be happy to speak to anyone who was like me, and now wants to improve their appearance and confidence and wants to know what working with Rosie is like. I can genuinely say, it was money truly well spent! Thanks soooo much x"


"I just wanted to update you to how things are going since my consultation with you 5 months ago. Firstly my make-up. Before working with you, I had lost my way and was looking to find something that did not make me look like I was trying to copy a teenager, but made me look younger and fresher. What I got from my consultation was a "new approach" in terms of products and colours that I hadn't really used before and your tuition has given me the tools to create a more polished look.

As for my clothes, before I met with you, I was not wearing the right colours for my colouring which was making me look drained which only made the fact that my life felt in a rut even worse. By changing my wardrobe round it gave me the confidence to even change my "safe, part-time" job up and go back to a rewarding, exciting career of which I am still loving and feedback just this Friday from my boss is that I am invaluable!! When I was doing my "safe job" I was being told off just for being nice to patients, and any ideas I had were trampled on which made me even less confident.

Finally, in previous years, I had a quite dramatic style with my clothes and make-up but had considered this to be inappropriate for an over 50`s person and lost my way in terms of what I should be wearing, the result being that I had started to build a very confused wardrobe. After you encouraging me to re look at the dramatic side of me, which I think was the catalyst of re starting my confidence, I have not gone back to being quite so dramatic with my style, but I aim to always have one part of me that shows off that side of my personality. It may be a piece of jewellery or my boots/shoes, or a scarf etc and I am loving my leather and pearls combination that I have made up myself.

Thank you for helping me get back to the real me! "


"I have always been overweight and have never really bothered with my appearance in the past, comfort was all that mattered. After several bouts of depression I decided to make some life changes. I lost a over a stone in weight and then, coincidentally I attended a workshop at our local college at which Rosie was a guest speaker. I was very interested in the fact that just small changes in what you wear could boost confidence and improve the way that others perceive you. Two other friends also showed an interest and so we arranged for Rosie to come and do our colours.

We all had an amazing time. It was fantastic to see the changes in peoples faces with different colours. Some give you a glow and some immediately make you smile. Also, the colours that don't suit you drain your face and make you look sullen.

We received our colour charts and purchased a scarf each in one of our "wow" colours. I thought I would be told loads of colours that I should not wear but it is really not that limiting. It is about the shades and the undertones. Just a scarf or top in the right colour can really change your look.

The next day I cleared out my wardrobe and kept all the items that closely matched my colour chart (making sure I had enough clothes to wear for the week of course!). I started to pair colours together that I now knew worked.

I have been slowly increasing my wardrobe a bit at a time. All my purchases are from my colour chart and I really think about clothes before I buy them now. I have also started to wear jewellery and accessories.

I constantly receive compliments from people at work and when I am out. My confidence and self worth have increased massively. Knowing the colours suit me gives me the confidence to try outfits that I would of shied away from in the past, not knowing that they would suit me or were too bright! I also find that I am now drawn to colours that are on my chart without having to check all the time.

I wore an emerald green blouse last month and received more positive comments and compliments than ever before.......who would of thought!

Thanks to Rosie, even though I am still overweight, I enjoy clothes shopping, take pride in my appearance and have more confidence."


I am a 51, almost 52 year old woman who has always been overweight. I am a wife, mother of two teenagers, one of whom is disabled and work full time as a Senior Secretary and unfortunately, although I come across as confident in my work and do try to look smart I, have never really bothered with my appearance in the past, and things for the house, husband and boys always seemed to come first. As long as I was clean, tidy and comfortable that was all that mattered and I just made do.

I attended a workshop at our local college and Rosie was a guest speaker. I wasn’t very interested in what I was wearing and what my colours look like on me until Rosie’s presentation highlighting the fact that just small changes in what you wear could boost confidence and improve the way that others perceive you.

A friend encouraged me to have a consultation and volunteered to arrange it and I jumped at the chance of doing something for myself for a change, even though I did feel selfish. But as it had been arranged for Rosie to come and do our colours and I didn’t want to let her down and I decided the time was right for me to take the bull by the horns and had my colours done. We had an amazing time, I don't think we stopped laughing all afternoon!

It was fantastic to see the changes in people’s faces with different colours. Some give you a glow and some immediately make you smile whilst colours that don't suit you drain your face and make you look drained. I even let Rosie loose on my make-up and WOW what a difference being given advise on the right colours to wear and how to apply correctly.

Being given a colour chart and purchasing a scarf each in one of our "wow" colours gave me the confidence to look at my wardrobe and see what I could do by just accessorising or looking for key new items. Prior to having my colours read I'd had a complete run through of my wardrobe and sent to charity bags of clothes I had not worn for years, keeping pieces which I thought of as my favourites. When I got home from our colour reading and looked in my wardrobe I realised I did actually own a couple of my own "WOW" colour(s) and just making a purchase of two pairs of trousers in Navy and Taupe would help my wardrobe work better and more efficiently. Was I surprised, YES, happily.

All my purchases are now from my colour chart and I don’t just pick something up and say yes I’ll have that, I now stop, look at the colours, style and think about clothes before I buy them. I am constantly receive compliments from people at work about the clothes I am wearing and feel more confident in myself. My boss even bought me a scarf for Christmas in my colours, (with a little help from his partner), but it proves it works. My confidence and self-worth have also increased and knowing what colours suit me gives me the confidence in myself and what I am wearing

Thanks to Rosie’s enthusiasm and encouragement, and thanks to my new friend Kerry’s encouragement to attend the colour reading, even though I am still overweight, I realised just because I am overweight, have a loving family, even though it can be challenging and work full time in a demanding job, I can once again enjoy clothes shopping, take pride in my appearance and have more confidence and do something for ME for a change.

I would advise everyone to get your colours done! It can and will change your perspective on life.


"Rosie is an absolute inspiration. I not only enjoyed the colour and styling session, but found the whole process liberating. No wonder I was feeling fed up everytime I went shopping and nothing ‘fit’. Soon as I had my styling session my shopping experience has been completely different. I now know what to stay clear of and I can honestly say that 9/10 all the clothes I pick off the shelf fit and suit me; unlike before. I even find myself not trying things on (which is a blessing when you have a 3 year old alongside you). And now I have friends and colleagues saying how a piece of clothing suits me and not ‘I love your dress’ – big difference. So thanks Rosie and I am looking forward to the personal shopping trip we have planned to kit me out for Summer – if we ever get one."


"Just a quick note to thank you for your time last Wednesday. I really enjoyed the day and appreciate all the advice. Incidentally, you made the day for my husband too, he was thrilled that I was recycling three large bags of clothes!! I have already bought some new tops and a bright pink jacket to add to my wardrobe, plus a couple of extra scarves to go with outfits. Best of all, I am now more confident combining colours so find I am making better use of my existing clothes - it is almost like having a brand new wardrobe."

Update: "I have no problem recommending you. I get so many compliments these days and have have even been challenged for using my Senior Rail Card! Sure it is because of the colours making me look younger."


"An afternoon shopping with Rosie is a delight. Not only does she identify your colours and style quickly, but will suggest items to look at and try on that really suit you. She’s in no way pushy, but will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and just try something a little different. We had a fantastic time and I made a couple of purchases. The items felt right as soon as I put them on – she has such a good eye. Not only did I feel good, but I received three compliments in one day! So if you need some help to find a specific outfit or even just give your wardrobe a bit of a lift, I can highly recommend Rosie for a fun-filled and successful session"


“I just wanted to say thank you for my colour consultation , I really enjoyed it….. Its quite fascinating how getting your colours done opens up a whole new world…. I also tried the tinted moisturiser and lipstick – lovely. Thanks for the help, tips and advice and I am looking forward to getting your newsletters.”


"I just wanted to thank you for my Colour Analysis consultation. I had been thinking about getting my colours done for a while but for some reason never did. Now I wish I had done it sooner as I was really surprised how much difference wearing the “right” colour can make. Showing me how to combine my colours in a way that suited ME was really helpful and I am already putting together colours in a different way. Thank you again!”


"Just wanted to say “thankyou” for my consultation today. It was really relaxing, fun and interesting! I am much more enlightened about which colours I should be wearing now and felt really good about myself today. My dad didn’t know I had had my makeup done but when I was talking to him about it, he said he had noticed there was something “different” about me and he just thought it was because I was feeling happy! "


"Thank you so much for seeing me on Saturday. I enjoyed it very much and felt so relaxed during the consultation and not rushed at all which was wonderful. You gave me loads of time to ask questions. I will be saving up like mad now to come for the personal style consultation. I hope to weed out the clothes in my wardrobe and only wear my colours. I feel so much more confident knowing I am glowing from the outside and that is very important to me it lifts my mood. Anyway I will be reading your blog and looking forward to receiving your regular newsletter and keeping in touch on Facebook. Thank you once again. "


"I just wanted to say thank you for Tuesday. From some initial feedback, all our customers loved your session, and they have requested we run it again in the future. I will no doubt be in touch again in the future for some more sessions. Thank you again for your fabulous workshop."