Is A Ten Item Wardrobe REALLY Possible?

Capsule Wardrobe ChecklistsOne of my wonderful friends sent me a link to a YouTube video last week of a young lady called Jennifer L Scott talking about how her stay with a family in France had revolutionised her wardrobe – and her life! She talks about how on her arrival she went to unpack and realised that she could not fit all the clothes she had brought into the armoire in her bedroom and how over the coming days, she discovered how her host “Madame Chic” always looked classy and polished with a much smaller wardrobe inspiring Jennifer to try to do the same. Over time., Jennifer came to realise that by buying less clothes but spending more in each item and by carefully choosing items that could be mixed and matched in style as well as colour she could have all the outfits she needed with just a ten item wardrobe, plus shoes, bags and other accessories – and look and feel fabulous every day.

So, how does having just 10 items in your wardrobe make you feel? Not bothered as you don’t have much more than that or does it make you feel horrified at the thought? If you have a large collection of clothes and struggle to decide what to wear each day leaving you frustrated and rushed each morning, then maybe, shrinking your wardrobe could just be the answer. Think how much time you would save just having a handful of items to choose from? Items that can easily be mixed and matched to make several different outfits and that you just love to wear because they make you feel great? Doesn’t that sound liberating?

If you fancy giving it a go for week, why not pick out 10 items from your existing wardrobe, putting them to one side and see how you get on? Up for it? OK, here are some tips on the items to choose…

1) Go for two items for your bottom half – a trousers and a skirt for example. If these can be in neutral colours such as navy, black or charcoal, this will make them more flexible as they will go with most other items in your selection

2) Pick out 2 of your favourite tops. These can either be in fashion colours or in simple, classic colours such as white or cream depending on how you like to wear colour

3) Dresses are easy to wear and can be easily accessorised with cardigans or jackets. Select 2 that you love to wear.

4) Select 1 jacket that will work with your dresses and will pair up with with your bottoms and tops to bring your outfits together

5) You will need 1 coat whether it is a Winter warmer or something lighter such as trench for Spring

6) Think about 1 piece of knitwear that can be worn over your dresses or bottoms and tops. How warm this will be will depend on the season

7) 1 great pair of jeans.

and there you go – your 10 piece wardrobe! Just add a couple of pairs of shoes or boots, one bag, a couple of scarves and a few pieces of jewellery and you are good to go!

Check out my Pinterest Board by clicking the “My 10 Item Wardrobe” button below, to find one gorgeous example….

My 10 Item Wardrobe

If you decide to give it a go, please let me know how you get on…

Happy Styling,

Rosie x


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PPS… If you would like to watch the YouTube video, here is the link…

YouTube Video






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