How to make getting dressed every day quick and easy!

How long does it take you to decide what to wear each day? Do you spend time each day in front of your wardrobe feeling that you have absolutely nothing to wear? Knowing that you HAVE to put clothes on and that leaving the house in your PJ’s is simply not acceptable, do you reach for the same old outfits? Or do you  just pull out outfits in desperation? If so, I have been there and it’s just not a great way to start your day. It leaves you feeling rushed and (if like I use to) more than a little grumpy! So here is my guide to make getting dressed every day quick and easy.

Clear The Clutter

Firstly, if your wardrobe is just bursting at the seams, it is really hard to quickly see what you have which just adds to the confusion. So I recommend having a bit of a purge. If you have space, move out of season clothes out of your main wardrobe and place them a wardrobe in a spare room. If this is not possible, place in a storage box or bag and place either under the bed or at the least to one side of the wardrobe so you are not distracted by them when you open your wardrobe doors. And if you know there are items that you are never going to wear again, unless they have sentimental value, remove them from your home. Look to sell on an online auction site such as Ebay, car boot, or donate to charity.

Get Organised

Then place your work items together, your casual items together and your socialising outfits together. Again this is all about not getting distracted by items that are not appropriate for an occasion and allows you to focus on the task at hand. Once segregated place all the tops together, trousers, skirts, jackets etc so you can at a glance see what you have.

Mix and Match

Now, all we need to do is pull outfits together. A system that I use is to buy my staples such as trousers, skirts and jackets in one of my neutrals. For me, I tend to choose black, dark navy or charcoal as these work best for my colouring. I then purchase tops, jumpers, cardigans and dresses in some of my fun colours. This makes putting outfits together really easy as neutrals go with everything. I can then just reach for a pair of navy trousers and a green jumper, or a black skirt and a red top and away I go. Easy and quick!

Accessorise Your Look For Extra Points…

If you are someone that likes to accessorise, then make sure all your scarves and jewellery are all stored where you can easily see what you have. If you are wearing one of your fun colours near your face then a quick way to accessorise is to add a plain silver or gold coloured necklace which can look very elegant. If however, you have one of your neutrals near your face then I would look to add a burst of colour with a coloured necklace or scarf to brighten your outfit.

Final Checks

Lastly, when it comes to putting your clothes away, make sure that they are clean and don’t need mending. There is nothing worse than putting your outfit together, feeling great about it and then realising that your top is stained or your trouser hem is coming undone. You then waste time having to head back to the wardrobe and start again. Make life easy for yourself with this final check.