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Rosie - Web-119A fun 1 hour session that teaches you everything you need to learn how to apply make up confidently, all in the privacy and comfort of my studio. Whether you have 2 minutes or 10 minutes in a morning to get ready, one thing is certain – that wearing a little bit of make up can do wonders for our confidence as we can blur any imperfections whilst emphasizing our best features. We can disguise those circles under tired eyes whilst really emphasising their gorgeous colour or blend away that blemish whilst making our skin look more radiant. Wearing make up also signifies to those around us that we are in control – even if its not true..!

This session will enable you to:

  • Understand how to emphasise your best features whilst disgusing any imperfections
  • Learn how to apply make up confidently
  • Learn how to apply a quick, long lasting, every day make up make up
  • Learn a second make up look for when you have more time or have a special event
  • Save money by understanding which products and in what colours you need that make you look fabulous! No more endless buying different colours and products which are never used or are discarded weeks / months later.

The Make Up Masterclass is a fun 1 hour session in which you will learn to apply 2 different make up looks; one for everyday and one for when you have more time or for when you want to look a little more special. Before we start to apply any make up, you will complete a short questionnaire which will enable to understand how you feel about and generally wear make up so I can ensure that both the looks are ones that you would feel comfortable wearing.

I will also look at your physical colouring so that I can select colours that will work in balance and harmony with you. This is important as it ensures that the make up just looks like an extension of you and therefore looks more natural. It is not unusual for me to use colours that you would normally not chose; but this is all part of the fun and also challenges you to maybe try something a little different and start to make a change.

A fun 1 hour session, packed with information, hints and tips for you to take away so you can start to make a change and maybe update your look.


  • New skills on how to apply make up that really works for you!
  • Colour Me Beautiful Lipstick in a colour chosen by you on the day (worth £14.50)

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