How To Introduce Colour Into Your Wardrobe

Colourful WardrobeOK, now let’s start this with some honesty – my favourite colour is navy! I spend most of time talking to ladies – and gentlemen – about introducing colour into their wardrobe whilst I, a trained Colour Consultant, loves navy! When I go shopping, if I see a rack of navy items, off I go like a wasp to a honey pot!

However, because of my job, whilst navy forms the basis of my wardrobe, I know that for me, it looks better when mixed with a bright or light colour as I need vibrant colours or contrast for colour to really work for me (it may be very different for you depending on your colouring). Therefore, I will wear a scarf, piece of jewellery or contrasting top / jacket with my navy items.

It really is that simple! Introducing colour into your wardrobe does not need to be difficult – or expensive. If you have lots of black (or navy) then great! You have a great basis to start from and with a £2 scarf from Primark in a colour that lights up your face and away you go! Costume jewellery is another great way to bring colour to an outfit without trying to hard and spending lots of money; it does not need to be another piece of clothing. I advise my client to use scarfs and jewellery in some of their colours until they need to replace items and at that point they can then look for more colourful clothes – by which time they will start to now which colours they really enjoy wearing too!

Can colour really make a difference? Simply, yes it can. When we wear colours that work with our natural colouring, it can make our eye colour more enhanced and our face healthier and more refreshed, plus it can help make us feel more confident; especially when we get a compliment of two! Whilst wearing a colour that works against our natural colour can make any blemishes or dark circles more prominent and can quite simply leave us looking tired and “washed out”. Also when a colour is “wrong” for us, it wears us rather than us wearing it. So if you look away and then back into a mirror, if you see the colour first, it is wearing you! If you see yourself first, you are wearing the colour – just the way is should be.

So why not make wearing more colour one of your New Year Goals? Black and navy are great, but why blend in, in black when you can look gorgeous in colour? And it could just mean adding a scarf to your outfit. Go on, give it a go!