Debunking Those Colour Myths

I always remember growing up my gorgeous Nan saying that she would never wear green as it was bad luck! She also said the “blue and green should never be seen” so she really had something against green! As I work with my clients many of them come with set ideas about colour – black is slimming, no wearing black and navy together and so it goes on. So are these true? In some cases – just no! and others, it depends! So, lets bust those myths.

Black Is Slimming

The truth? It depends whether the fabric and style of the item flatters your body or not. A gorgeous hour glass figure dressed in a black baggy jumper or loose Tee can in fact look 1-2 sizes bigger than she is as she is hiding her waist and curves. She would in fact look slimmer in a red dress in a soft fabric that shows off her curves. It also depends on where the black is worn. For many of us, black on its own near our faces can leave us looking drained and pale – even if it does make us look slimmer, it is still not a good look!

Does that mean that you can’t wear black? Not at all! We can all wear black but we just need to understand how to wear it so it works well on us, and then it can look fabulous!


Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen

All I have to say to this one, is take a look at a peacock feather – it beautifully displays blues and greens. Same goes for rainbows where these colours sit next to each other. Those that have been for consultations with me or are regular readers of my blogs know that I am a lover of navy and I often team it with one of my greens – in fact it is one of my favourite combinations. I will often have a green top with dark blue jeans or trousers or a navy top top with a green jacket. The trick is to know which shades and tones of each colour work for you. Don’t get too caught up in wondering which way round the colours should be worn, just grab an item in each colour and combine away.


Black and Navy is a “no-no”

This depends on your colour palette. If you are a deep, think Catherine Zeta Jones or Michelle Obama with dark hair and dark eyes, then this can be a winning combination for you and can look expensive. However for the rest of us, this can be a too dark or overpowering. We can however just swap the navy for a blue that is in our palette. For me, black with a cobalt blue looks great. Again, it is about finding out what works best for you.


Matching Shoes and Bag

Style personality is the key here. A “classic” style personality will love this combination but it can look a little dated. If this is you, why not push your comfort zone and try something a little bit different to make you look more current. A nude shoe teamed with a bag that picks up a colour from your outfit can be a great way to get started with this. You may already have both in your wardrobe so no need to rush to the shops. I am all for utilising what you already have rather than buying new, so get creative and see what you can up with.


Never Mix Red and Pink

Red and pink, which never used be seen worn together have more recently become an acceptable colour combination. In theory they ‘clash’, but when mixed together in the right way they can make a real style statement and this season this combination is definitely in! If you would like to try, check out my Pinterest board for inspiration.