Get Your Colours Done!

colour analysis get your colours done preston lancaster blackburn lythamWould you like to look younger and more refreshed? Then come and get your colours done with a colour analysis consultation and see the difference it makes to you when you are wearing colours that work perfectly with your own physical colouring. When we wear colours that are not right for us, it can make us look older, tireder and blemishes are more enhanced. I will work with you to identify your colours especially those that look incredible on you – I call these your “WOW” colours. You will also learn how best to combine your colours and how to bring them into your existing wardrobe.

In this relaxed and enjoyable 2 hour session you will:

  • See the difference between the “right” and “wrong” colours for you
  • Identify your “WOW” colours that just look incredible on you
  • Learn how to combine your colours in the best way for YOU!
  • Grow in confidence knowing that the colours you are wearing are really flattering
  • Understand how you can save money by starting to build up a wardrobe of clothes that you love to wear instead of buying clothes that you never – or rarely wear. Making your wardrobe work harder!
  • Save time and effort when shopping as you will be able to immediately discard items not in your colours

The 2 hour Colour Me “WOW” consultation will enable me to identify a pallet of 42 colours that suit you best. I will work with you so that you too can see the difference the right colours make. Out of the 42 colours, there will be a number of them that just look absolutely stunning on you and we will identify these for you. It is often special event dressing that can cause us anxiety but once we have captured your “WOW” colours, you will know exactly which colours you should be wearing. This will ensure that you look gorgeous at the event, boosting your confidence so you can relax and really enjoy the occasion without those feelings of insecurity about how you look.

Once we have identified your colours and you really see the difference, your first thought may be that you don’t own items in those colours but I do understand that it is not possible for you to go out and buy a whole load of new clothes in your new colours! Therefore, we will spend some time talking about what colours you already have and how we can add your new colours in a cost-effective way.  It is also important to understand how to combine your colours in a way that really suits you. As we go through your colours we will seek out those special combinations that really bring the colours alive on you.

We will also discuss how we can combine your new colours with your existing wardrobe, how you may require different looks for different parts of your life and f you require a formal look for work, I can help you to understand how to bring that look together with your new colours whilst adhering to your Company’s dress policy.

Takeaways:How To Wear Your Colours Guide
  • A wallet of 42 fabric swatches in your best colours for you to take shopping with you
  • A personalised booklet “How To Wear Your Colours” which will be emailed to you following your session- unique to Style Confidence
  • An understanding of your “WOW” colours
  • An understanding of how to combine your colours in a way that really works for YOU
  • A guide of make up colours for your colouring
  • A Colour Me Beautiful Lipstick in a colour of your choosing (worth £14.50)

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