My Week of Changing Wardrobes

capsule wardrobeWell, what a wonderful week it has been! This week I have been able to see first hand the impact of what I can do for my clients, up close and personal. With consultations including a Personal Shopping and a Wardrobe Planning Session, I have shown clients how getting dressed can be fun. I love doing all the consultations that I offer but when you are routing through a clients wardrobe or helping them into a dress in a changing room, you really get to know your client. And can see how changing wardrobes, can really impact their lives for the better.


Personal Shopping – In Your Wardrobe….

Let’s start with the Wardrobe Planning Session. I met a fabulous lady who was semi-retired but had a very busy life doing lots of fun things – and a very full – but very organised wardrobe.  My initial review showed that it contained many items which were very similar. It became clear that one of the reasons for this was that she compartmentalised her wardrobe for different parts of life – work, socialising, at home – and “for best”.

Having had her colours done previously, she had bought very well and had lots of colour in her wardrobe. However, she struggled to combine items to make outfits and so kept buying new items to get new outfits – and so her wardrobe grew. By explaining simple colour combinations and how to accessorise using the drawers of scarves and jewellery she had collected, we were able to create dozens of new outfits using a mere fraction of the items in her wardrobe.

We took items that she had put to one side as “for best” and added them to items she wore regularly and we took items that she had kept for “work” and mixed them with items “for best” and rejuvenated them.  And the best part of all was to see at the end of the session, how excited she was about the clothes she already owned as she saw them in a whole new light – and we did not need to add one single item to her collection; she already had all she needed to give her wardrobe a chic and stylish make-over.

I am not sure that this will mean she will not shop for a while, but what I am sure of is that she will buy what she loves and that keeping things for best, is a thing of the past!


Personal Shopping – At Stores…

Now, the Personal Shopping trip was for a successful Business Woman who worked in a very male dominated environment – and she hated shopping!

Having not bought anything new for herself for quite a while, she opted to invest in some time with me in order to revamp her wardrobe. For many women working in male dominated environments, they can feel that they cannot be too feminine in their choice of workwear and this was true of my client opting for suits and blouses in stiff fabrics that did not flatter her shape and in neutral colours which on their own, were not great for her.

In a few hours in Manchester, we found a whole new wardrobe for her in beautiful colours that not only suited her but could be mixed and matched together, and in fabrics that flattered her figure but were totally appropriate for the workplace. As the session went on and she discovered what really worked for her, her dread of shopping dissipated and she discovered how much fun it could be and be the end of the session, she was accessorising and planning outfits like a pro!

I received an email from her later in the day to say that she was in her bedroom excitedly putting together outfits and decluttering by removing items that she no longer wanted to wear.


So, my question is, when was the last time that you got excited about the items your wardrobe? As my clients above show, just a little bit of know-how can change the way that you dress forever. Getting dressed should be a fun activity, not something that will cause you stress!




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