Hi There!

Me in circleMy name is Rosie and I am an Image Consultant, (or Personal Stylist), who has been trained by one of Europe’s largest consultancies, Colour Me Beautiful and I am proud to be one of their top Consultants. I have successfully completed courses in Colour Analysis, Personal Style, Colour & Style for Men and also Corporate Image Consultancy which also covers areas such as body language and dressing for success. I am based in Chorley, near Preston but I have clients all over the North West.

I started my business because I am passionate about helping women grow their confidence in their appearance by helping them understand the colours and styles of clothing that flatter them and make them look "wow"! Getting this right can really change not only how you look but also how you feel! Clothes reinforce our self image and help define who we are. They can boost our confidence when we know we look good, but when we get it wrong, they can sap that confidence just as quickly.My aim is to show my clients how to dress in colours and styles that make them look - and feel - amazing AND build up a wardrobe of clothes that they love to wear, is flexible and fits their lifestyle!

In April 2015, Jacqueline Gold, CEO of Ann Summers awarded Style Confidence one of her #WOW awards. This is a campaign she runs to support women in business and she gives out awards to businesses she believes have the potential to grow and succeed in their industry. Then in July 2015 I was delighted to discover that I was a finalist for the Beauty Business category at The Enterprise Vision Awards (EVA's), the premier Ladies Business awards in the North West.

In addition, I have been featured in an article by online magazine Your Coffee Break (www.yourcoffeebreak.co.uk) in the UK which was also featured by Levo (www.levo.com) in the US which a community for young professional women wanting to progress their careers. You can read this article here. More locally, I have been interviewed on Radio Lancashire and featured in The Bolton News and you can read this article here

How did you get to be an Image Consultant?

As someone that has struggled with confidence about my appearance, I struggled to know how to dress for my body-shape and knew I was getting it repeatedly wrong and had no idea of my style. So, I copied friends, who always seemed to get it right, and read magazines for ideas but I really struggled to get it to work for me. I didn't know why it was so hard, I simply just wanted to know what clothes would suit me.

Then Trinny and Susannah came along with their TV show doing makeovers and writing their books with hints and tips which I read and learned all that and put it into practise. However, it wasn’t until I had my “colours done” that I realized that Image Consultants and Stylists were available to everyone – not just celebrities or for TV shows. I had no idea that this was a job someone could do and help other women find what really works for them.

By this time, I had seen friends struggle with confidence issues too as they had children and their body shapes changed or their relationships failed and they did not have the confidence to go dating again. I realized that there were many women who were in the same position and so I decided to train with Colour Me Beautiful so I could be in a position to help and advise these women that no matter their shape or size, they can look fabulous.

I passionately believe that when we know we look better, we feel better and we feel more confident. And when we feel more confident, that’s when we socialize more, we apply for those promotions, we buy – and wear! – that gorgeous red dress to the Christmas party. It just about understanding what works for us as an individual!

So, I completed my training in make-up, colour analysis, personal style, men's image as well as corporate image and set up my business. I have worked with some amazing people some of who have too have experienced the ripple effect that looking – and feeling - great can have. I absolutely love what I do and it’s an absolute privilege to work with every single client.

What results can I expect?

This really depends on what consultations you proceed with. Discovering which colours and styles of clothing really suit you can really make a difference to not only how you look but also how you feel! Other benefits you can expect include saving time and effort when shopping as you will be able to eliminate the colours and styles of clothes that are unlikely to suit you before heading to the changing room. This prevents that frustration and confidence sapping experience when you try on item after item that doesn't suit you, feel comfortable or fit. You may even begin to enjoy shopping again!

Also, by understanding how to build up a flexible wardrobe of clothes, that fits your lifestyle AND your personality you could save money in the long-term as you will buy items that you love and that make you feel great! You will understand how to plan your wardrobe enabling you to buy less and wear more! You will have the tools to stop you buying items that never get worn and sit in your wardrobe with the labels still on!

My aim is to for my clients to love the way they look and for them to build up a flexible wardrobe of clothes that not only suits them on a physical level but also fits their personality and their lifestyle. However, clients often report increases in confidence, more compliments and for some, the results can have a ripple effect into other parts of their lives such as promotions, new jobs, starting dating again, socializing more etc. Check out my testimonials page to see what my clients say about working with me and the results that they have achieved.

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it is like to work with you?

Yes, of course! Please just contact me and let me know that you would like to do this and I will arrange this for you. With my clients consent, I will forward you their contact details and convenient times for you to call.

What if most of my current wardrobe is not right in terms of colour and style? I can't afford to go and buy a whole new wardrobe!

Please don't worry! Most of my clients are in the same position. As part of your consultation, we will discuss how to incorporate your new colour palette into your existing wardrobe inexpensively by using scarves, jewellery and accessories and then you can replace items with new colours and styles as appropriate over time.

I understand that not everyone can wear black is this true?

Most people can wear most colours; it is the shade and the tone that is important. In the case of black, when worn against the face, it can look harsh on some people. However, I understand that many people will have black in their wardrobe and it may be part of their uniform or office wear as it’s very professional and practical. In your colour consultation, I will chat through with you how you can wear black so it works for you.

I am not sure it I am ready to get started as yet, how can I sample your work at low cost to see if your consultations and programs are for me?

For those that are not quite ready to make the leap, that’s absolutely fine and there are free resources available to you to get you started. You can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter where I regularly post tips and advice - you can easily follow me by clicking on the social media icons at the top of the menu.

OK, I know which option suits me best and I am ready to do this. What happens now?

Congratulations! I am really excited for you! Here’s what to do next. Just get in touch at rosie@styleconfidence.co.uk or 07980 621989 and we will set up a mutually convenient time for us to have phone call so that I can understand more about you, what you want to achieve and when you ideally would like get started.

What payment types do you accept?

I can accept payment by cash, cheque or any major credit card.

OK, I am ready to move forward but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

That's great! Yes, absolutely! You can contact me by email at rosie@styleconfidence.co.uk, by phone on 07980 621989.